Life is about discoveries

It's never possible to know what is up the road but I do believe I am nearly at the end of this pen-mania path.

I've almost finished photographing the pens I'd like to sell. After learning more about my own Canon camera at our local Photo Shop--really nice folks--I found that if I get shots on grey days they come out better on the indoor porch than on more sunny days.

One or two need a little clean up and I believe I have all the tools, liquids and cloths necessary to do them up proud. Several are inked and my inclination is to flush them and move on.

A few more days or a week at the most and they will all be archived.

I've also declared a moratorium on inks and withdrew from the FPn Ink Exchange. If I need any more look-see inks, it is easier to get The Pear Tree samples, a far more straight forward way to get small quantities of ink than fiddling with the plastic vials.

If I press forward I should be ready to list the fountain pens and art supplies on the 'bay on schedule.

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