Fine Arts

Fine Arts has often been at the head of the pack when it comes to quality art supplies and new products.

It seems they have a new 4x6 72lb black leather journal that takes ink well.

As I am just starting plans for a 2-month sojourn to Panajchel, I'm thinking light: one suitcase, one shoulder bag with lap-top, camera, passport, etc. and nothing else. My mini-basket, even filled with a few fountain pens, my mini-watercolor palette and one or two journals, will be very light weight and compact. However, the journals can't be more than 4x6 if I want them to sit in the basket.

I'm considering the smaller 4x6 Rhodia epure and looking at the Right as Rain journal which is also 4x6 and seems intriguing but I haven't a clue how well it will take ink and lastly, the Fine Arts sketchbook.

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