Pelikan Nibs

I have two Pelikan M200s--one blue, another grey. I often think of selling one, but resist each time. In fact, I believe I've had an offer or two, but the going price for a second-hand Pelikan M200, even one like mine, 1980s-90s, is not high and to replace them later after potential regret makes me hang onto these two fine writing pens.

In fact, I've been using them quite often these days, and inked one with Diamine's Register.

Now, as I've changed my handwriting over the years, and got into the habit, good or bad, of writing quickly, with flourishes and often with felt tip pens, I'd like a broader nib than the two I have in these Pelikan M200s.

One solution is to buy a third nib. But, another would be to satisfy my urge for the Pelikan M215 and buy it with a broad nib.

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