Eight of Pentacles

Generally, but not always, I pull a tarot card each day. My normal daily tarot is Arnell Ando's Transformational Tarot, but since I got Karen's Deck I've been alternating between the two. Today, after days of neglecting these sweet creatures of phenomenology, I did a quick search and discovered yet another deck--one I am totally unfamiliar with. I will have to write to Bonnie and find out what she knows about this deck--it ain't cheap and appears to be available from Europe as they quoted the cost in Euros.

The deck has a rather different approach then many, and perhaps I'll find some good reviews of it, and discover what it is that makes it unique.

I haven't thought that much about tarot, in a serious way, for months, although Liz has been buzzing me about it weekly and it must be synchronistic that RP showed up in an email, not about tarot, her specialty, but of all things: fountain pens.

My only serious thought about tarot was to find my own original 22 majors, and see if I can laminate them or bind them into a book.

It is not high on the long list of priorities, but somehow I have the feeling it will rise up to the top of the list this week.

I don't, absolutely, don't want to buy more tarot. When I left New York I sold more than a hundred decks, and have reduced my stock to under 30, I think, and it is ridiculous to start another collection. Just ridiculous!


  1. Do you know about this deck?
    It's my favorite.

  2. If you mean Karen Black's deck, yes; if you mean Touchdown, no.

    Do you collect tarot decks?