Spirals in Miquelruis journals

I find that more than occasionally I want and like a spiral notebook that permits me errors--the errors of just plain quick notes or an error in judgment. Errors get pulled out.

The few Miquelrius #4 notebooks I bought at the Art Store, now Dick Blick's on Bond Street), are now filled up with the detritus of my days or nights and could easily be replaced by one of the dozens of other notebooks in my basket. However, many, or nearly all of them are bound and can't replace those #4s.

If I want to pick up some odds and ends of art supplies, fountain pen supplies and journals quickly and easily I could get off my duff and take a drive to the Apple.

If I drive, I could stay with friends and park the car, or get a bus or even an Amtrak and make a sweet day of it.

October is one of the most beautiful in New York City--perhaps I'll put a visit on my calendar.

And take in a museum view.

An artist's day!

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