Eternally Noodle

As I wrap up my fountain pen obsession, an obsession only according to Liz, I have also decided to limit but focus on a few more inks.

I called Sam at Pendemonium after she emailed that the El Lawrence would be be restocked in about a month, and that she'd hold an order until it arrives. I mentioned that I wanted Iraqi Vote and not Violet Vote, and Nathan has agreed to make that happen. Yes, I emailed him and he'll send a label.

Bless you, Nathan.

I ordered Aurora Black and Private Reserve Electric Blue from Chuch Swisher--one of my favourite online suppliers with our Labour Day discount and also received the four sample inks I ordered from James at Pear Tree--quick as the blick of the eye.

Then because I am not going to get the Pendemonium Noodler specials until October, I emailed Elaine at FPn and ordered two of the forum's specialty inks. I haven't received a reply as yet, so all these inks may come barrelling in at the same time.

Of the four samples I got from Pear Tree, I was only able to dip pen test Noodlers Walnut and the three Caran d'ache (Storm, Saffron, Canyon).

I'd say that I can easily pass on these Caran d'ache inks, and limit my final order to a bottle of Caran d'ache Amazon (I have a sample of it, and it is delicious) and perhaps Noodler's Walnut--a very deep, dark brown--darker than Waterman's but possibly close to PR Chocolate.

I don't have time to seriously do much testing and comparing because the article I am presently working on is due on Monday, September 8 and although I am at the penultimate or near penultimate draft, I'll have to make some follow-up calls to close some gaps and get a few telephone numbers for the side-bar. I may also have to take a few more photographs to accompany the article.

So my passion for fountain pens hasn't died, but it does require some serious behavior modification.

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