On my wish list

I've had two watercolour books on my wish list for about a year, perhaps more, that just don't drop in price.

So, I called the library and yes, they can get me a copy of Watercolour Painting by Jean Louis Morelle (2003) and Pat Dews (1998) Creative Discoveries in Watermedia.

I am eager to see them as my experience in the past has been that a recommended book doesn't always make for the best book in my view.

In fact after such a long time I can't remember in what context the Dews' book was recommended. I can however remember that Morelle's book was referenced repeatedly in Ewa Karpinska's Wet-on-Wet Watercolour Painting book, a book I thoroughly enjoyed.

With the prospect of a sturdy and nearly pristine drafting table, the acquisition of several small and portable plastic low slung bins and an energetic mind-set, I hope to actually get back to art in a serious way after a hiatus of nearly two years.

I have brought up all the larger bins (oh, my aching back) from the cellar and have been sorting through finished work, work in progress, collage materials and just plain stuff. The living room, generally a tidy spot in my universe, is now a chaotic maze of colour and shapes, matboard, canvas and enticing shreds of fabric.

October is my art month.

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