Upstairs, Downstairs

Here's a wee peak at the top of my downstairs' desk. I have one of my Morriset inkwells and my one blotter on this desk with all my stamps and assorted mailing paraphernalia.

I try to reserve this desk for cheque writing and quick notes but it gets crowded with non-sense mail that has to be sent to re-cycle or a visit to the burn barrel.

Tomorrow I will clear it up again.

And here is my mini-desk that I use in the bedroom to hold my in use fountain pens and my Levenger index cards. I spend quite a bit of time on my double decker rolling cart writing, cleaning fountain pens, testing inks and thinking about my projects. I have a small wicker basket with zillions of folded slips of paper on which I've written all my projects. When I finish one, I tear or shred the slip with a sense of accomplishment.

My Mission desk in my small office is the repository of my laptop and printer. I really want to clear this surface and use it as a proper writing desk. But where will I put these electronics?

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