Moving on High

When I first moved here, I thought I could convert the huge cellar to a Studio. As time went on, and weather changes occurred, I realized that in Winter, it is too cold, and in Summer, it is too humid. Furthermore, as the house is old and not well insulated, small insects seem to creep into the crevices. Spiders are abundant and not conductive to art projects.

So, I am seriously thinking of moving my supplies on high--upstairs to the spare bedroom.

In the interest of sanity, I thought I'd try to get a second drafting table and keep the bulk of my supplies down cellar, and art upstairs.

And I thought, "I need a drafting table."

I put a note on the community network and three people responded that they have a drafting table for sale. I haven't seen any yet, but I suspect one is an Alvin.

I've never been fond of the material Alvin uses on their stock tables, and would much prefer a solid wood drafting table or an older table like the Rietveld.

The Rietvield is very well designed, can easily be collapsed and has an excellent surface. It appears that the only one I see on line is in Europe and selling for a mere 1000./E.

I don't think it will be easy to find one for sale in the States and I am certainly not prepared to buy one for a thousand Euros. Perhaps Rietveld, easy to come by in the Netherlands when I lived in Amsterdam, has now become a collector's item.

Now I've found one that nearly resembles my original student drafting table with a drawer and I am very tempted to buy it, and give up the idea of saving money and getting someone else's cast off or a another second hand table.

For about $150.00 I can get a table delivered that comes closest to what I'd like except that these do no collapse.

Another subject to ponder on this rainy, miserable day in the Upper Delaware Valley.

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