Loose Ends

Well, I have my lovely Pelikan M215 but haven't inked her. I just keep perseverating about the nib.

My handwriting has changed so much over the years and I'd like a wider nib. Of course, once more it is impossible to test run any so I keep putting off the decision.

However, I did decide that rather than getting a custom from Binder, or taking a trade for an unknown nib, I will send the pen to Chartpak for a replacement.

I telephoned and asked how the replacement worked and it was during that conversation that I went from simple, quick solution to over analyzing. Why? They require that you send the pen in toto and not just the nib.

I also asked if I could come by as I wouldn't have minded driving to my old haunts in Western Massachusetts, but no they only accept the exchanges by mail. Why? They want to ensure that the nib is properly replaced.

So, tomorrow or Tuesday, I will pack up my new pen and send her to Massachusetts.

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