Mercury Retrograde

On 24 September, Mercury, the lively and lovely small plant again goes retrograde. I checked because it seemed to be operative already. It wasn't but it appears I am going slowly through motions that should or could have been finished, done with as they say.

So with this knowledge in hand, I shall do up the bits and pieces of paid for professional writing before this 24 September event (my deadline is Monday) and move onto older issues--like selling those fountain pens I have listed and the huge list of "to dos" I made last night in the dark with this remarkable Parker Duofold.

Ross is gone and won't be lending me his Nikon D80 (he was so busy that young chap before going to college) and I am loath to borrow N&Ms Coolpix, thus, I shall persevere with what I have and move along to the next kettle of issues on my plate.

Considering I am retired from active life, I seem to be thoroughly active.

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