Perhaps it does work

While not a Waterman 12, this A.A is within my price range and I had enough cash in my paypal account to pay for it without a transfer of funds.

It is small and perhaps easy to carry around and seems to write well. A Waterman with a stub nib may be the ticket to end the fountain pen ride.

A ride more exhausting and not nearly as exhilerating as my five year old rides on Coney Island's Carousel and far more expensive.
Yes, when I was five and even late into my teens, I'd go to Coney Island, go to Nathan's, get a hotdog and a bag of their special fries and walk over to the Carousel. I'd stand in front of the building, nibbling and then jump on a horse, and take the ride around and around and try to catch the ring.

As I got older the thrill of the brass ring diminished, but in my memory, the brass ring is as indelible and permanent as bulletproof ink--the thrill of the ride and the possibility of one more time around.

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