Trading Places: Buying and Selling

I've finished my Reporter article, and posted it to the editor. I just have to either drive to the paper or post the photographs tomorrow. I feel a huge sense of relief, and need a breather before I launch into Farmer's Daughter.

However, it doesn't seem as if I've put to bed the issue of fountain pens. I have three wish-list pens left:

The Pelikan M215 Lozenge -- which it appears I can get for under $80.00 plus shipping from overseas. I saw one on the 'bay for $75.00 but shipping is very high. I also saw one in Asia, but again the shipping was expensive. Isellpens has one for $90.00 and all the other retailers online are getting more than a hundred for it.

A Sensa Meridian in Crystal -- which I won't buy new as I have the black one and should be satisfied with him alone. I did however send an email to a fellow FPner who may be getting tired of his.

And, last and not least of all, a vintage flex, eye dropper. Some of the Waterman 12s on this site would suite me.

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