Pen Rolls

One of the projects I have in my basket is making a pen roll.

I've been fussing with my pencil roll to see how to best adapt it for fountain pens. Immediately I realized that any roll I make has to accommodate either small or large fountain pens. The pencil roll is the perfect height for most pens but my Pelikans and other small pens drop down too far into the sockets.

So it may be that I'll make two rolls, each accommodating just a few pens, one for the smaller pens and another for the larger sized boys.

I am thinking of a felt exterior, lined in silk with a stiff satin ribbon. If there was a fabric store nearby, it would probably take all of an hour to make, but I have to find the fabric first.

I'm going down to Milford on Tuesday. I wonder if this town has one.

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