Mercury Retrograde - 24.9.2008

Another cycle of Mercury retrograde will occur at 0.16 ~ Sidereal time in Germany on 25 September at 22 Libra 49 and will not reach station until 31 October, although it will reverse and go direct on 17 October (see Die Deutsche Ephemeride, Band VIII, 2001-2020).

Some people are very affected by retrograde planets, and in particular Mercury, while others barely feel it at all or believe it could have any affect on them.

This retrograde seems to have started early for me: I had to have the battery charged in Honesdale yesterday and got a parking ticket; my computer is acting up; my provider invoice was $50.00 over the previous month(s) and I am not communicating well or rather avoiding communication.

What I'd like to do is sit quietly, gaze out the window and perhaps write a letter.

Some days I long for Guilford (VT), the farm and my Golden Charlie. At the farm every day was quiet, dreamy and the adventure of the mind.

Here in NEPA the days move swiftly and with Autumn upon us, the nights come quickly, suddenly, blanketing the sky with Midnight Blue--probably similar to the Private Reserve ink.

The single positive retrograde action I've taken, thus far, is to mail off my Pelikan M215 to Chartpak for a nib exchange. I sent it this afternoon, priority, insured.

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