Thinking Outloud

Putting order into one's life ain't easy.

The living room now looks like a battle field with bins, blue and clear, paper, oddments, magazines, books, trinkets, sew-stuff and more on all the surfaces and on the floor.

But what I've discovered is at least three incomplete projects:

I started a project on Susan B. Anthony in '03, but got side-tracked by an invitation to participate in a fabric-based publication. Whilst I finished my entries for that publication and had one of my pieces included, the original project has lain fallow. Time to follow through on my commitment to the Anthony House in Syracuse, finish up and donate the book to them.

I've a half dozen collages or mixed media pieces finished or nearly so and ready for the Bakers Dozen in New Zealand and more than enough material to conclude the commitment of 13 8x10 works for the March '09 deadline.

I've amassed quite some material to move on with my World War II project, and with the offering of a solo show, I should make this a first or second tier high priority item. I do have to email my collaborators on the Dark Art project to see if they'd like to include their work in the potential show.

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