Quirky not Quink

Some of the inks I like are on the quirky colour side.

I got a sample in the Ink Exchange of the Noodlers El Lawrence ink, not expecting that much from the FPn review, but I absolutely rate this one high on my shelf. It is not anything but interesting in tone and in a broad or snub nib, or a Calligraphy nib, it is smashing.

It's on back order at Pendemonium but when it comes in and I receive it I shall probably give it a go in several other fountain pens.

Then there is the ever radiant, always complained about Noodler's Bay State Blue. Having read it stains, I opted to load a Wality eyedropper with the ink. And yes, success. No staining to date, and although it doesn't write all that well if the ink sits in the pen for more than a day or two, it does get started and write beautifully thereafter.

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