Starting a new journal is a humbling experience

Although it is weeks ago that I wrote my name and address in my Canteo black journal, it took me another month or more to actually write in it. I started with the Orma pen inked with Maroon but I hadn't used him for so long that he skipped and I started to fear that the inner pages of my journal were not going to be as wonderful as its frontispiece.

No, it was the pen not the paper as was proved out when I took my Vista filled with Noodler's Dumas Tulipe Noire to it. Writing was as smooth as can be expected. And an added attraction is the elastic band is situated in such a way that the Vista fits snugly inside against the body of the journal.

And as I like some relationship between colours, it is notable that both the Diamine Maroon and the Noodlers DTN are nice matches to the trim on the Canteo and its logo.

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