Sense or Sensa Meridian

One never knows, or at least I don't know, why a pen doesn't sell well. The Sensa Meridian is one of those pens. Is it too heavy? Is it too metal? What is it that makes this pen a sale item?

I find this pen beautiful, and although one journalist said he didn't have the time to open and close the cap, it has conversely helped me to make those natural pauses--just a few seconds to open the pen--and collect my thoughts in an interview.

The Fountain Pen Hospital has both the black and the crystal on sale for $34.95!

Three years ago I could have walked over to the Hospital, touched the pen, laughed with the sales staff and even had a good look-see-touch at hundreds of other fountain pens.

It is this back of the head notion that appears rarely, but does occur--missing the Apple.

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