Pilot 78Gs

Sometimes I surprise myself, and other times inanimate objects surprise me more.

I was about to put both my Pilot 78Gs up for sale when I went to the cupboard to check how they felt and if they were in pristine condition. I thought I had inked them both and I had.

So Levenger 3x5 cards in the mini-desk and at the ready, I wrote with them and both delighted me in different ways.

I bought the first on a whim from a fellow FPn member and later got a Waterman converter for her at Swishers Pens. A small pen, and light weight, she writes a very fine line.

Then when I got the fabulous El Lawrence ink I wanted a quick and easy fix for a stub and picked up another Pilot 78G from isellpens because rumour has it El Lawrence is splendid with a wider nib.

My teal pen with the fine nib is writing like a dream and was inked in July, and the Green B stub is doing remarkably well with the Noodlers El Lawrence ink.

Hence, these two are staying closer to home.

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