The Black Cover Reviews Midori

There was a time in my life and not that long ago, whilst traveling or perusing stationers and art suppliers, that a sleek black leather notebook would have given me a sense of well being--I love the feel of leather over paper--but in today's market, and my rural lifestyle, I can do with less, and my current wish is to maintain the less is more attitude.

This notebook was on my "wonder about" list but now that I read the review it is going into the fantasy pile.

It is interesting to note that within the review, a comparison is also made with the Ciak journal.

I'm waiting for biffybeans' review of the middle size version of Ciak to see if this, too, is a fantasy journal.

In the meantime I'll struggle along with the dozen(s) of journals, sketchbooks and planners I have!

Image: Distressed Journals

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