The World under a Microscope

Olympus Microscope

Years ago I worked in a laboratory. We used many different types of microscopes but my favourite was an Olympus. Those microscopes introduced me to Olympus' fine optics and later I bought one of their cameras.

But I don't want to see the world, day after day, dissected and seen under a microscope.

With 24/7 news, bloggers, like me, hundreds of newspapers and press agents, nothing happens that doesn't get covered immediately, and often with poor and inaccurate precision.

The President-Elect breathes, moves, tosses his cap on and it is reported, and repeated over and over again. Anyone who can make news gets coverage as if they were those mosquitoes I once examined and dissected.

Mosquitoes are fascinating under the glass, but having the moment by moment, blow by blow, before an accurate, precise, informed conclusion can be drawn leads to some strange, inaccurate, lopsided, often damaging information that gets repeated again and again...until a perfectly innocent incident becomes not only news but the truth.

It never was the truth and won't become the truth by repetition.

But somehow it seems to appeal to many folks. It doesn't appeal to me and in fact often makes me more than annoyed.

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