Books: Plummer, known as Christopher

Before there was science there was art, and under that heading is theatre, often with a capital T.

Christopher Plummer's new book, "In Spite of Myself " is probably spelled with the capital letter as he hits on some of those he knew and knows that ranked at the top of the class on Broadway and off.

One of several of the references in the review rings as true as if it were coming from my own lips. Very early 60s, I thought for moments or let's say a year or two, "I'll become an actress." In those sprint like years I met more actors than I now see on stage or even on the movie screen.

So the "Where's Jason?" line resonates true. There was a bar somewhere in the West 40s, West of Broadway itself, where everyone who was anyone and everyone who wanted to be somebody went for an after hours drink. I don't recall seeing Mr. Plummer there, but you can be sure Mr. Robards was there if he was anywhere.

Might be a good read.

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