Quo Vadis Planners: My Ideal

Thanks to Karen Doherty's offer to receive and review Exaclair planners I am the beneficiary of two new planners and the user of a third.

With these three, a compare and contrast was inevitable.

My ideal planner would have the Gulliver cover, be refillable, have the paper quality or better in the Journal 21, the page layout in the Notor and be 5x7 (12.7cm X 17.8cm).

Since my student days in France, more years that I wish to recount, I used Clairefontaine paper in different sizes, shapes and bindings. I always loved these notebooks whether I was using a fountain pen, a pencil or a ballpoint (or gelly).

Strangely although I had a Rhodia or two, it was always Clairefontaine that I chose and hoarded. I still have the outer envelop of one Clairefontaine product that may have been discontinued and which I bought in '89.

I learned recently after a visit to Exaclair and frequent perusals of their website that other products I've used over the years are either manufactured or distributed by them, including the beautiful J. Herbin inks.

So, perhaps one day I'll have a planner with my favourite 90g paper in a comfortable size planner that I can leave on my mission desk or carry in my hand.

Thank you again, Exaclair and in particular, Karen Doherty, for your generosity.

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