Pondering Politics: Candidate Kennedy

Ms. Parker makes good points. She is bright, and from the little of her column I've read, I sense she is fair minded.

Ruth Marcus says honestly in the same newspaper she tosses and turns over her emotional and intellectual responses to Caroline Kennedy's possible chances to win (read get appointed) to the U. S. Senate seat, so do I.

I am of an age, temperament, gender and regional bias that makes weighing this possibility a quagmire fraught with emotion, thus leaving my brain power in the toilet.

Although a Mid-Atlantian born and bred (read New York City), I've spent more than 35 years, on and off, living full or part-time in one New England state or another, and my ties to the region are strong and my allegiances to the Kennedy name embedded in my adoptive genes.

And unlike others who vied for and got the seat, she isn't a carpetbagger and I sense, don't know, that she has valid reasons for seeking the seat and now.

If I had to vote, I would have no hesitation to pull the lever for Caroline Kennedy because of history, not Camelot, and in the hope that this Kennedy would make a positive difference at a time that difference is vital.

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