Card of the Day: 6 of Cups

I rose early hoping against hope the sky would be blue, perhaps not that perfect cerulean blue or even that dark cobalt that covers the sky in early morning or late evening, but not grey and definitely not white.

My hopes turned to disappointment as I peered out the window and saw the earth once more covered in snow, and the sky yielding massive wet flakes of undifferentiated crystals, first lazy and infrequent, then more heavily and steady until the once dry path to my car was nearly invisible.

I can remember three times I actually saw a crystal dendrite forming that unimaginable fractal pattern: once waiting for the 2nd Avenue bus with my daughter at dusk, a second time in the car with Eddie driving home from Newport (Rhode Island) and an evening about six or more years ago in Burlington (Vermont) when a fellow graduate student called my daughter urging her to go outside for a splendorous view. And that it was. Each crystal was so well formed we could pluck them out of the sky or off the wrought iron gate, touch and taste their sweetness for what seemed an infinite time in space.

But today, there are no clear dendrite crystals just a never ending flurry of wet snow.

Yet, Angel Paths says of the Six of Cups,

The Lord of Pleasure is a welcome card in any reading, bringing in a sense of harmony and balance. Existing relationships broaden and deepen, giving an extended sense of contentment and satisfaction.

And that is undoubtedly how I should and can look at this opportunity to bring the inner life into harmony with the outer vision.

Image: Comparative Tarot, Cerridwen Genetti©

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