Review II: Quo Vadis Journal 21 Daily Planner

Notor, Gulliver and Journal 21 (top to bottom)

Journal 21 (Left), Notor (Right)

Appearance can often make or break a purchase and in the case of the Journal 21, the vinyl black cover on this 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" (13 x 21 cm) journal with 72g acid-free, smooth paper was disappointing. The paper itself is lightly tinted and prevents glare even when writing outdoors. The design is attractive with round corners, tear off corners on each page, has sewn binding and lays flat when open after use. The Quo Vadis Journal 21 comes in two versions. I am reviewing the refillable version.

At the front is a Personal Information page followed by two separate facing Holiday pages. On the left is a mixed bag of holidays, such as Canada Day and Cinco de Mayo which makes it North American holidays while its facing page of Major World Holidays appears incomplete. Also the name of the country "Netherland" should read, “The Netherlands” its proper and complete name, or as it is fondly but inappropriately referred to by the province, Holland.

International telephone access codes and US time zones follow the holiday page. After these are six (6) pages devoted to a Semi Annual Planner

which immediately precede monthly pages for September 2008 through December 2009.

The Diary Pages are nicely laid out with the entire month appearing in either the upper right or left corner; inconspicuous “1st week and declination of days are also included on the upper corners (alternately right and left) a nice addition for those counting down to a special annual event.

At the rear is a Yearly Planner for 2010 and an alphabetic address book.

While the paper is quite nice, the 72g weight is still exhibiting some show through with various pens. I tested a Senator Windsor with a normal medium nib, a Rotring 600 with an italic fine nib and a Senator President with a very broad nib with three different inks, Noodler's X-feather, Levenger Amethyst, Aurora Noir, respectively.

Phone Entry with Senator President "B" nib and Aurora Noir ink

I was hoping that the 72g weight paper would equal my favourite Clairefontaine 6155/90g paper and have no visible impression on the back of pages and be totally fountain pen responsive. It does not, however, exhibit any bleed through and no feathering. The show through can be problematic if appointment notes overlap on front to back pages. Interesting though, none of the fountain pens used exhibited more show through with moderate or normal pressure. This is a good sign as often fountain pen users resort to using only fine nibs to avoid bleed or show through.

Show through with Senator President and Aurora Noir ink

Show through with Rotring 600 and Levenger Amethyst Ink

My Overall Impressions is this a very acceptable desk daily planner and it is how I will use it. It is not over sized, but my present life-style doesn't require a briefcase or large bag so carrying it is not an issue. I consider it a plus that the Journal 21 includes transitional months for the preceding year, and annual planning calendar pages for the current and following years. Both of these features offer advantages to those that do plan far ahead and those on an academic schedule (a system I am familiar and comfortable with).

The journal is well made but might benefit from a ribbon place mark and perhaps an increase in paper weight.

This planner and/or other Quo Vadis planners are available on line and at many local supply stores. Check the Quo Vadis site for specific locations.

Here is another review of the Journal 21. I'm certain we'll be seeing other reviews of the Quo Vadis planners in the days and weeks to come. And Quo Vadis' blog put up some more reviews here.

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