Serendipity, Ice Cream and Romance

Unlike the film, Serendipity, I never had a single romance at the famous 60th Street Ice Cream Parlor, but I certainly had my fair share of sundaes, banana splits and fair-to-middling coffee over the course of ten years.

But like the film, and while I was watching it at 2-4am in the morning, I recorded in a working written journal the moments in my life I call, "romancing the past." I went back to my 16th birthday.

Romance 1--I was at an all girls camp that summer, and we had one cross over dance with a boys camp. Camp meant shorts, sneakers, sandals and dirty t-shirts, but that night I worn a two piece cotton skirt and top with a hideous stripe in earth colours.

In Jr. Counselor mode, I entered the large auditorium room and immediately turned my back to the room to make sure all the other campers had entered. When I turned back I saw a boy across the room staring at me. I can't remember if music was playing--after all this was a hundred years ago--but somehow the vast expanse disappeared and we were standing face to face and there was very little room between us.

I dated that boy until he became a man; two years.

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