A visit to the Fountain Pen Hospital

There is nothing like a visit to a bricks and mortar pen store, and if you have to go to one the Fountain Pen Hospital could be it.

In the pouring rain I struggled out of my wool coat and spent a leisurely hour or more with Jimmy.

I looked at the sale items, all the pens I had on my perhaps list and then suddenly I had a Sailor Sapporo in black with rhodium trim and a Music nib in my hand .

I have been avoiding Japanese pens in favor of the Germans, but after testing Karen's 1911 and an older Sailor, I realized that I may have been missing out on something after all.

If we hadn't been threatened with a storm I might have been able to make it to Arthur Brown's and Joon's to check the pen again, and then again, but with no ride back from Monticello after 2.30pm, I dashed to Port Authority and back to the Delaware Valley and tried to dry off after two days of solid water polo.


  1. Sapporo is a solid pen, nice size & weight when posted. I have a medium nib, I wish I had a fine. Medium nib is too wide on many papers that spread. (Which is many)

  2. It did seem solid and would be a lovely partner to my M215--just a wee bit smaller.

    I tested it on their in-house stationary and it floated on the paper with Montblanc ink.