Card of the Day: Knight of Wands

It's always a good feeling to get a cheerful card especially on a day that started with a minor, but annoying distraction.

I had to get to the Post Office before Noon but when I started the car it was dead, totally dead. M came over to help and we discovered that the passenger door had not closed properly. It seems it either was iced over (hadn't used the car since Monday) or some small adjustment was necessary--M and WD40 to the rescue.

I made it, with a half hour to spare.

I sold my Parker Duofold Centennial to a Pentrace member overseas. It was a nice find but frankly the pen didn't suit me from the day I found him and he deserves better treatment than to sit in a grey plush box yearning for ink.

Now if I can sell the MB and Laban sets I'll feel better about all the other pens I've bought this year.

So, the Knight drove with iced over windows to town, mailed the parcel, insured, global; went to the bank with an unexpected reimbursement from the Governor; hit the health food store and came home.

Enough activity for someone without a horse!

Imagine: Mythic Basque Tarot

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