Sailor Sapporo - Tracking Prices

12/24 - ebay Sapporo Rhodium, F - 92.99 plus 13.00 shipping (Japan)

12/28 - ebay 1911 Profit, F 92.00 plus 13.00 shipping (Japan)

12/29 - ebay 1911 Profit, Music nib, demonstrator, 139.20 plus shipping 13.00 (Japan)

12/31 - ebay Sapporo Rhodium, F - 102.50 plus 13.00 shipping (Japan)

Interesting note. When I first started searching for the Sapporo, and also checking prices for the 1911m, one of the Japanese sellers had buy it now for 95.00; yesterday he raised his price to 105.00 plus his usual 13.00 shipping cost.

I ended my search tonight, 12/31/08, 10.53pm


  1. Try contacting Pam Braun

  2. Thanks, S--I am so excited! I got one but not from Pam. She couldn't meet the price I wanted....but today I found a full sized Sapporo, rhodium with a music nib.

    It will be mine next week.