Card of the Day: Wheel of Fortune

The entire road is blanketed with snow. It is a white world all around me and I pull the Wheel of Fortune.

My mail box got tossed again. M came over to put it right.

I had three nice packages in it--haven't opened them all, but one has some J. Herbin ink in it. And another looks like a gift of coffee.

And I was able to open the downstairs (read cellar) door because twice yesterday I shoveled the snow away from under and near the door. This was one of those precautions I learned from last year when I couldn't get out of "any" of my four doors.

So, the Wheel of Fortune may be lessons learned and new lessons to learn during the next few days as another storm is headed our way, the Bean Family coming--although I just called to arrange for a Plan B but only left a message--and no easy way to the town where all the goodies are for Christmas and where to get a tree that I don't have to cut.

All this snow doesn't seem like fortune but perhaps it is good for the Mother Earth.

Image: Black's Gold Tarot

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