Books: A memorial and the decline

It seems that like most industries, large, small, automotive, financial, the book publishing industry is in a bigger slump than I'd like to see. Forecasts are poor, and consolidations, buy-outs, loss of jobs and the demise of publishing houses continues.

It is not just the financial crisis but the internet, and a paper-less push that reduces the print numbers, and the fierce competition between and among book distributors and sellers.

At one time I'd say a good portion of my daily or weekly expenses went to book buying, often spontaneous purchases, but as often thoughtful purchases.

Now with the ease of reading, too much, on line and living in rural America with the closest good book store an hour away, I've bought fewer books this year, but not as few as when I lived in Taos.

Since Ranchos de Taos I've relied more heavily on the library.

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