Card of the Day: Page of Coins (Pentacles)

Emotions and finances very much on my mind and in my heart today, I returned that black bag I bought at Nest in Narrowsburg before the holidays, and Anna was a pleasure to deal with--no hassles, immediately return of funds.

When I went to NYC I took the bag with me as a trial for a longer outing and the zipper pull immediately broke, not a good sign for a bag of this cost.

Knowing Anna herself is not rolling in funds I hesitated making this return but I feel so much better about myself for doing what was the right thing in this case and I know I'll be buying other merchandise from her in the future.

I also went over to -j's for a final brunch with the mob of children and grand-children.

A good pentacles day with a heart of gold.

Image: Victorian Romantic ©

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