I receive a large number of promotional paper from the environmental folks asking for funds. While watching the telly or between wall painting, I doodle.

Tonight I had some promotional paper from a "save the ocean" group and had two Lamy Safari's on my bus table.

One with a very sweet "B" nib inked with Noodler's X-feather, and the other an "M" nib, somewhat nicer than one would expect that I got in Italy, inked with Diamine Indigo.


The narrower nib is responding on this inexpensive (probably less than 50g) paper like a much wider nib, and possibly wider than the traditional B with Noodler's X-feather.

What does this say?

And, I might have to redo some sample tests on heavier paper but if I recall correctly from my X-feather tests, most of the nibs were true.


I might be able to post pictures during the day.

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