Shocking News and Sights in Callicoon NY

Callicoon Depot as it was once known has seen many changes, but I haven't been here long enough to have appreciated those changes until today.

I stopped first at the Callicoon Post Office.

I use this Post Office rather than the one of equidistant from home in Pennsylvania because I've found that mail gets delivered in record breaking time from Callicoon. I also go to Callicoon more often to shop, but most of all the Post Office Workers at this station are among the friendliest and informed of the dozens upon dozens of post offices I've frequented in the last ten year.

I was shocked to hear that workers may be laid off, or relocated.

Skip, among the best of a great bunch, said that the PTFs (part timers, flexible) may be deployed as far as 50 miles away. The USPS is experiencing a decrease in mail use of as many as 9 million pieces (I think per year) and operating at a loss. It all sounds strange as postal rates have increased more frequently than I can remember in past years and I still have some odd stamps in various denominations in my stamp box.

But it is a fact.

Then I popped over to our local Italian Restaurant to discover it empty--yes empty at meal time.

We are experiencing some tough times and in a small town like this hamlet it is premature and difficult to access what this downward spiralling economy will do to the few shopkeepers who have either survived or thrived in a town of 213.

I left feeling sad and wondering what we have in store for our future if this economy doesn't improve and quickly.

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