Card of the Day: Strength

A strange day to pull Strength, but that's the card of the day.

I managed to get half my errands done, and make it to Narrowsburg for a good bye cup of coffee with my dear friend, J, at Roaster's. It was pouring so hard when I arrived in town, I sat in the car and listened to a radio interview with Charles Boch for more than 20 minutes. Boch it appears has just had his first novel, Beautiful Children, published. One wouldn't suspect that the writer is 38 years old and not 50 with dozens of novels under his belt. He is a very confident, and engaging speaker.

He had some very insightful answers to listener's questions, most of whom were MFA students and/or writers. One question from the audience was "how did he develop a story?" He replied that he permitted his unconscious to steer the writing rather than control the story with a planned outcome. He went on to say that when this occurs, the story writes itself and a more natural, energetic voice emerges.


Image: Robert Place, "Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery"

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