More on Mumbai

Well it appears earlier reports that one or more of the terrorists came from Britain, or held British papers was erroneous. I am pleased that has been dispelled although I can't say I am anything but distressed that the terrorists came directly, or purportedly, from Pakistan.

For the twelve years I was involved in tropical diseases, in particular, malaria, by virtue of common interest, I either mentored or sponsored many international doctoral or postdoctoral students. Of those students several came from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or other countries where the parasite was prevalent and its eradication a high priority.

While doctoral students might be around for awhile, most postdoctoral positions were limited to one or two years. But two years in a laboratory is like a lifetime, and I got to know each of these students very well.

I can remember well the disdain on a student's face if one was confused by the other, and with patrilineage so close it wasn't difficult to make a mistake.

Now I certainly hope this issue can be peacefully reconciled, and not become another Middle East trauma.

Image: National Geographic ©

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